Not Just a Pot Pie

Not Just a Pot Pie


With September comes National Pot Pie Day! And when you think of pot pies, what may come to mind is one of the best American comfort foods that is most often made with leftover chicken, turkey, or beef along with chopped vegetables, and sometimes includes a gravy or some sort. The pie might be enclosed in two crusts or might just have a top crust.

There is a lot of debate out there regarding the double crust issue, type of pastry dough that should be used, and cooking methods.

Today, there’s many options when it comes to this comfort food, but the most incredible one you will ever put in your mouth hails from Queenstown, New Zealand. In 2018, Chris and Katie Munro brought their New Zealand style meat pies to the US. They packed their life, dream, and an award-winning pie baker to help bring authentic pies to the US. After months of working on achieving the “perfect” pie, they sourced baking butter and the pie machine from New Zealand.

Today, these same incredible pies provide a nutritional and on-the-go meal option under the retail brand name of Pie-O-Neer Pies. The company specializes in making savory, handheld meat and vegan pies all made of the highest quality meat (not the traditional leftovers) and vegetables covered in a homemade gravy or sauce with the perfect balance of seasonings. These New Zealand style, Idaho made meat pies do not contain additives, just fresh & quality ingredients locally sourced from the Northwest of the United States.

Even its packing is unique. Each single serve, hand-sized meat pie is packaged in a sealed bag that is microwave and oven-proof (up to 350 degrees F) to provide an easy customer experience and a perfectly cooked pie. The packaging has been tested to ensure the pies are toasty and perfectly hot inside, while still being safe and comfortable to handle making it a perfect on-the-go meal and easy meal solution.

These New Zealand style meat pies are not your average American pie... they are SAVORY! Despite being hand-sized they are truly filling and are consumed as a meal in countries such as England, Australia, and New Zealand. They are also being sold at grocery stores, markets, convenience stores and recreational businesses through the Western US.


Wondering where you can pick up one of these pies? See or order online at

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